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Searchlights of 2012

What drives your writing? (12/15/12)
How does fun factor into your writing? (11/15/12)
On your last day, what do you want people to say about your writing? (10/15/12)
What does it mean to be fearless in writing? (09/15/12)
Where does your "vision" come from? (08/15/12)
How do you write dialog? (07/15/12)
As a writer, what are your priorities? (06/15/12)
What are you afraid to write about? (05/15/12)
How do you know you're a writer? (04/15/12)
What are you looking for when you write? (03/15/12)
How do you know what to cut? (02/15/12)
How do you grow as a writer? (01/15/12)

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