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Searchlights of 2011

What would you ask from the Writing Fairy? (12/15/11)
What does it mean to have a voice? (11/15/11)
What do you do when a story resists you? (10/15/11)
How do you cast light on the dark side of a story? (09/15/11)
What keeps you from getting stale? (08/15/11)
What themes do you keep coming back to? (07/15/11)
Which is more useful to a writer, suffering or joy? (06/15/11)
How do those close to you see your writing? (05/15/11)
What’s going to happen to your old journals? (04/15/11)
How do you deal with writer’s envy? (03/15/11)
What's your idea of an effective cover letter? (02/15/11)
Who sees your work in progress? (01/15/11)

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