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Searchlights of 2009

What is the role of memory in memoir? (12/15/09)
Where do memories come from? (11/15/09)
How do you know when something is true? (10/16/09)
How do you keep track of your work? (09/15/09)
What helps you remember? (08/15/09)
Give six words of advice to a new writer. (07/15/09)
Are you ever satisfied with anything you write? (06/15/09)
What are your stories made of? (05/15/09)
What makes a story meaningful? (04/15/09)
What is the purpose of revealing yourself in memoir? (03/15/09)
Is it ever okay to compromise your work? (02/15/09)
What's the worst thing you can say to a writer? (01/15/09)

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