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Searchlights of 2006

What's one writing habit you wish you'd acquire? (12/15/06)
What's the best gift you can give a writer? (11/01/06)
What's your favorite book on the craft of writing? (10/15/06)
What's a writing lesson you didn't learn in school? (09/15/06)
What is your best season for writing? (08/15/06)
What are your sure-fire methods for self-sabotage? (07/15/06)
How do you welcome your muse? (06/15/06)
Who is your Ideal Reader? (05/15/06)
What scares you the most about writing? (04/15/06)
Where do you get your best material? (03/15/06)
What role does family play in your writing? (02/15/06)
What advice would you give to a beginning writer? (01/15/06)

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