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I've reviewed hundreds of wonderful contest entries over the years, but things being the way they are, I've only been able to publish a fraction of them. This embarrassment of riches tended to distress me, until I finally figured out how to use too much of a good thing. Tiny Lights is proud to introduce "Lights On-Line," an intermittent Internet venue for personal essay. Now, in addition to the delectable pieces sandwiched between the covers of Tiny Lights, lovers of personal narrative can enjoy even more of their favorite fare at Sample us regularly! Posting times, however, are approximate. Just remember, the best lights in life are worth waiting for.

May 2000 Issue #1: "Evocations

The writers featured in this issue focus on short, lyrical slices-of-life. They use language at concentrations approaching poetry to produce the non-fiction equivalent of "flash fiction." See work by Johnathan Segol added in July 2002

August 2000 Issue #2: "A Backward Glance"

Here we see the power of the past to shape our current perspectives.

January 2002 Issue #3: "Here and Now"

These writers have come to terms with where they've been in order to tell us who they are now.

July 2002: Issue #4: "Looks Good From Here"

Things are never so bad that they can't look good from the proper angle.




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